Psychonauts 2 Has Been Delayed To 2021

We are aware that it’s always disappointing once you need to wait somewhat more, but we know that you’re a beautiful, supportive crowd, who — like us want the game to be as great as possible.

Double Fine initially intended to launch the game in 2019 but altered the range to this season.

We are currently targeting the second year for launch, an upgrade on Fig reads.

Regardless of the delay, we did have a fantastic look in Psychonauts two in a new detailed trailer that includes Jack Black and his vocal abilities on a fresh path.

An article on Xbox’s site states exactly the exact same concerning the launch interval and backs up this period.

Double Nice boss Tim Schafer featured at the post-show of the Xbox Games Showcase but did not state anything past describing that Double Fine has a lot of things but nevertheless has a few things to back up this.

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