The Gunk Is A New Adventure Game From The Steam World Franchise

Establish to come to Xbox Game Pass and Xbox collection X, no launch date was revealed yet. Thunderful Publishing has declared a new adventure, The Gunk. Known the deckbuilding RPG that was hand-drawn was published by Thunderful using Form Games team & the Image out of SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamesh.

From The Gunk, two space hauliers venture to a planet in a The Gunk was officially revealed throughout the Xbox Series X Games Showcase with a debut trailer. Developed out of Form group & Thunderful’s Picture in Unity, the trailer shows off the all-new adventure set in a big world and not so enemies. Oh, and… gunk. As you venture through this strange new setting, you’ll try to unravel the many mysteries of this planet and attempt to conserve it.

Most Bid to gather alien crops and other resources, but they discover the world is cursed by a corruptive gunk parasite threatening the planet, as they begin to explore this strange setting. There are big pools of goo covering the surface, as you can see in the trailer, and it seems like it could be sucked up with some gadget.

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