Far Cry 6 Will Be Released On February 18, 2021

Sonny Diego played by Anthony Gonzalez (“Remember Me”), scored by composer Pedro Bronfman (“Narkos”), also Emmy-winning Patrick Claire (“West World” True. Detective’) directs the opening order and brings together the talents of Hollywood to provide a highly narrative experience.

Advanced Discos Locos, disc launcher, that will place your enemies The Strong and complicated villain is one of the Far Cry series’ DNA, and so what kind of individual they are and how they come to life is one of the factors that are most important.

I understood from the beginning it was a great experience to work with fantastic talent such as Giancarlo Esposito and see the way they acted as personalities with complicated emotions that were horrible. I would like to share this feeling with all of my customers.

Remarks Narrative Director of Ubisoft Toronto, from Navid Kavali By Ubisoft Toronto, “Far Cry 6” takes the player to the frenzy of a disorderly guerrilla revolution set in a tropical paradise.

In Far Cry 6, we are planning to release Ultimate Gold and Collectors editions in addition to the normal edition. Reservations for PlayStation4, Xbox One, and PC download variations will start from July 13th.

The participant will be Danny Rojas from Yala, set in the city of Esperanza and the lush jungle, occasionally and occasionally exploring fighting fiercely, facing Anton’s regime in this society. Will be. Danny can perform as both a man and a woman.

When increasing his son Diego, president Anton Castillo pledges to attract Yala straight back to his former glory. Developing a paradise comes at an affordable price. It means forcing down those people who don’t follow his potential.

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