Banjo-Kazooie Needs A HD Remake

Microsoft maintained its Xbox Games Showcase event yesterday, displaying a massive variety of brand-new titles, out of Halo Infinite to Fable.

But some fans still felt a bit unsatisfied with many IPs not creating a return. One of the absent titles was that the fan-favorite platformer series Banjo-Kazooie.

One thing is undoubtedly exact, but: if a Banjo-Three is ever Together with HD remakes and sequels to older franchises becoming popular, it Will make sense for the dynamic bird and bear duo to earn a similar comeback.

That is precisely what many fans on Twitter have appeared to believe, at least, with many of them asking when Banjo-Kazooie will return.

The duo hadn’t returned in years and watching them alongside classic characters in HD Mario, Sonic, and Mega-Man felt like a dream come true.

Maybe fans anticipated with many tweets heading out before the live event of Xbox, guessing and hoping for some sort of HD remake of the Nintendo 64 titles, from the duo.

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